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SOFT MASSAGE – the ideal firmness and an even distribution of the nubs ensure pure relaxation of the horse | healthy horse grooming

HEALTH – the massage brush supports the blood circulation of the horse and can even resolve unpleasant tensions | healthy horse care

INNOVATIVE – The bending angle of up to 90° offers the horse grooming equipment maximum comfort for simple and gentle care for almost all body parts of the horse | unique horse accessories

GENTLE ON THE WRISTS – The natural shape and a firm fit prevent tiresome cramping of the hand | ergonomic horse cleaning tool

ADJUSTABLE HAND STRAP – The strap which is integrated in the material prevents bothersome tear-off’s and the Velcro fastener offers a gradual adjustability | Horse brush | Horse comb

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Animalon CareFlex Massage Curry Comb | Flexible & Ergonomic rubber horse comb for every grooming box | Horse grooming kit | Horse Cleaning Accessories | Horse Riding Equipment | Horse Care and Comfort

The Animalon CareFlex massage curry comb is a must have in every grooming box for horse care. Due to its ergonomic shape it nestles ideally to almost every part of the horse’s body which therefore provides for a maximum contact surface and efficient grooming. Even hard-to-reach areas, such as the shoulder, chest, stomach and withers, can be reached easily and effortlessly with the Animalon massage curry comb.

The horse massage brush/ comb for horses is made of of soft rubber nubs, which are comfortable for the horse and valuable for its health. Due to an ideal pressure distribution of the nubs, an improved blood circulation can be ensured and unpleasant tensions can be resolved. The hand strap is firmly anchored in the product so that annoying tearing off is a thing of the past. Thanks to its gradual adjustability, the loop offers maximum support and protects against slipping or cramping of the hand.

Like all other Animalon products, the CareFlex massage curry comb utilizes a superb quality our brand is known for with a pleasurable cleaning experience for every situation. This massage comb is perfect as a gift idea or as an addition to your personal horse grooming box.

This ergonomic cleaning product for horses simplifies the daily grooming enormously. Make sure your horse is healthy and make your daily routine a wonderful experience for yourself and your horse. The ideal horse accessory.

Advantages in summary:

  • Comfortable massage
  • Ensures an ideal blood circulation
  • Resolves unpleasant muscle tensions
  • Perfect adaptation to the body contour of the horse
  • Ergonomic shape – no cramping of the hand
  • Gradually adjustable hand strap for a secure hold
  • Cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Quick and easy grooming
  • No tearing out of the hand strap
  • Gentle on wrists

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Dimensions 19 × 10 × 4.5 cm





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