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Mini Maxi horse sponge

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EXTREMELY SUCTIVE – the cleaning sponge for horses has a high water absorption capacity due to its high density | Cleaning sponge horse

ERGONOMICALLY SHAPED – horse sponge with ideal grip | horse cleaning kit for cleaning all parts of the horse | cleaning kit for horses

HYGIENIC PACKAGING – practically vacuum-packed for good storage and longer shelf life | Cleaning sponge for horses

SPECIAL APPROPRIATION – due to the soft material the cleaning sponge for horses contributes to a gentle cleaning | Horse Cleaning Cloth Sponge

EASY TO MAINTAIN – the cover offers optimum protection for the sponge | fits perfectly into any cleaning case

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Animalon Mini Maxi Sponge | Vacuum packed horse care sponge | Ergonomically shaped horse sponge | Horse accessories

With the Animalon Mini Maxi sponge nothing keeps you from cooling your horse before or after riding. Whether a gentle cleaning with water or for shampooing your horse to thoroughly clean sweaty bridle and saddle layers after movement – no problem with the Animalon sponge. The cleaning sponge for horses has a high density and is therefore extremely water absorbing and absorbent. Due to the ergonomic shape of the cleaning sponge the horse accessories have an ideal grip and every part of your horse can be reached without any problems. The high-quality sponge can be used in many ways, so that not only dirt on all parts of the horse’s body but also the sensitive areas on the head can be cleaned easily. The practical vacuum packaging ensures a good storage and a longer durability of the cleaning sponge for the horse. The sponge is also ideal for cleaning wounds. It prevents dirt from getting into the wound. The soft material of the product care is particularly pleasant, so that even sensitive parts of the horse can be ideally cleaned. With the horse cleaning kit a gentle cleaning is guaranteed. The cover offers optimum protection for the horse’s cleaning sponge and ensures easy storage. Fits perfectly into every cleaning case. Our sponge is the perfect companion on the tournament or in the vacation. Hygenically packed, it finds room everywhere and can be transported quickly and easily.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely absorbent and water absorbing due to high density
  •  Ideal grip due to ergonomic shaping
  • Vacuum packaging ensures hygienic storage and longer shelf life
  • Gentle cleaning due to particularly soft and pleasant material
  • Easy storage and optimal protection through the cover
  • Versatile use

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