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Wellness Set

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WELLNESS-SET – contains a shine brush, a massage bar & a hoof brush for your wellness program in the stable.

NATURAL BRISTLES – the shine brush and the hoof brush only have natural bristles.

GENTLE TO HAND JOINTS – the natural shape and firm fit of the CareFlex brushes prevent annoying cramping and twisting of the hand.

INNOVATIVE – Animalon brushes are different from other brushes. The innovative products perfect the coat care.

PURE TREATMENT – take your time for daily care and treat your horse to the full pampering program.

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Animalon Horse care Wellness Set | Shine Brush, Massage Bar & Hoof Brush | Give your horse a true wellness experience with daily care

Treat your horse to a true wellness experience. The Animalon Horse care Wellness Set includes a CareFlex Shine Brush, a CareFlex Massage Bar & a Hoof Brush. It is perfect for finishing after cleaning your horse.

The Horse Shine Brush has natural goat hair and removes fine dust, dirt and loose animal hair from the coat. In addition, the cuddle brush is also suitable for gentle strokes. Free your horse from remaining dust and make it shine. It is perfect for finishing after cleaning your horse.

The massage brush has soft rubber studs, which are pleasant for your horse and also promote health. The ideal pressure distribution of the pimples relieves tension and promotes blood circulation in the horse. In addition, the massage curl is also perfectly suited for changing the coat to make depilation easier.

The natural bristles hoof brush has bristles that are made of natural palm bristles and therefore ensure gentle and fast hoof care. The natural bristles make even hard-to-reach areas easy and effortless to clean. In addition, the bristles are very stable and reliably remove stubborn sand and dirt from the hooves.

The hand strap of the Careflex brushes ensures quick and easy adjustment of the size to each hand. In combination with the flexibility of the brushes, it prevents annoying cramping of the hand. Ensure a healthy coat for your horse and turn your daily routine into a feel-good experience for you and your horse.


Advantages of our CareFlex products at a glance:

  • Effortlessly removes coarse dirt & dust
  • Perfect adaptation to the body contour of the horse
  • Ergonomic shape – no cramping of the hand
  • Infinitely adjustable hand strap for secure hold
  • No tearing out of the hand strap
  • Cleaning even in hard-to-reach places
  • Quick and easy cleaning
  • Gentle on wrists

When you order the Wellness Set, you save money compared to ordering it individually.



Additional information

Weight 0.5 g
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 5 cm




Inhalt des Sets

1 x Glanzbürste Animalon
1 x Massage-Striegel Animalon
1 x Hufbürste Naturborsten


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