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Animalon Dressage Saddle Pad

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HIGH QUALITY PROCESSING – selected materials provide a first-class design of the Animalon saddle pad. The saddle pad is suitable for dressage. High-quality velcro fasteners and stripe loops round off the overall picture. Special attention has been paid to the seams.

CARE LIGHT – due to the careful selection of materials, the saddle pad is particularly easy to care for and extremely robust. The saddle pad for horses is washable at 30 degrees. Horse hair can easily be brushed out of the saddle pad.

IDEAL PASSFORM – the anatomical fit enables an ideal saddle position. In addition, the loops with Velcro fastening ensure that the saddle pad fits securely under the horse’s saddle. The Animalon dressage saddle pads fit perfectly to the horse’s back.

DOUBLE POLISHING – the particularly soft double padding of the saddle pad absorbs shocks and protects the horse’s back. It also guarantees fast and reliable removal of moisture during riding. The padding consists of an organic wadding filling and an additional foam layer.

BROWN – a rich brown provides the noble design of the dressage saddle pad. In addition, both sides of the saddle pad are provided with glittering stones. This horse accessory makes every horse sparkle.

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Animalon Dressage Saddle Pad

The dressage saddle pad with glitter stones by Animalon enchants with an elegant look.
On one side the name is embroidered into the saddle pad and sparkles in the light. On the other side the saddlecloth is finished in high quality. In addition, all seams are set with great care and this ensures a high-quality feel. All velcro fasteners used are well sewn and offer ideal hold.

The saddle blanket has numerous practical features.
On the one hand, the Animalon Dressage Saddle Pad is ideally suited for both leisure and competition riders. On the other hand, the ergonomic fit allows a firm fit without constricting. Due to the selected materials, the saddle pad for horses is extremely easy to care for. The cut offers additional space at the withers.

Quality is at the forefront with this product.
The upper fabric of the saddle pad consists of a polyester mixture. Therefore it is easy to wash off due to its smooth surface. The underside of the saddle pad has a mesh surface of fine and high-quality fabric. This can be cleaned easily and quickly. This makes it easy and effortless to remove individual horses’ hair even during the change of coat or before washing. The saddle pad for horses is suitable for washing machines. It can be washed at a temperature of up to 30 degrees. This makes the saddle pad very suitable for daily use in the riding stable. During the washing process, the Velcro fasteners should be closed to avoid tangling.

The design of the saddle cloth for the horse stands out from the crowd.
First and foremost, the noble brown ensures a harmonious overall impression. Furthermore, the outer edge of the saddle blanket for horses is set off by a dark edge. The saddlecloth is also provided with high-quality quilting. The padding of the horse’s saddle pad ensures fast and reliable removal of sweat. It should not be forgotten that the saddle cloth quickly removes moisture. Distributed in small diamonds, the padding additionally soothes shocks and enables a secure saddle position. Finally, the padding is made of pure organic fabric without the use of chemicals.

All in all, the jumping saddle pad from Animalon offers comfort at the highest level and is a real eye-catcher.


Advantages at a glance:

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Velcro fasteners and stocking loops
  • robust and easy to clean
  • ergonomic fit
  • high quality two layer upholstery
  • noble design
  • suitable for the washing machine
  • rapid moisture absorption

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 53 × 42 × 3 cm



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