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Animalon Mane and Tail Brush for Horses

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Loose hair – loosens tangles and provides a well-groomed mane and a groomed tail for the good of the horse. Light mane and tail brushes.

Practical: round surface and even distribution of the teeth on the horse comb ensure smooth combing of horsehair in all directions. Complete horse care.

Ergonomic – firm hold thanks to the sturdy rubber handle instead of gel handle ensure an ergonomic shape of the mane brush with curved thumb rest

Great design – simple combination of brown and black ensure an elegant and timeless design of the mane brush, stylish horse care accessories.

Easy to store – thanks to a visually beautiful leather hanger, the mane brush can be hung anywhere, easy to store and is always within easy reach.

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Animalon Mane and Tail Brush for Horses Mane and Tail Comb for Combing Horse Hair Horses

The Animalon mane brush is a must have in every grooming box. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and a curved thumb rest on the top of the mane and tail brush, it sits perfectly in the hand and ensures a firm hold. The rubber composition used prevents slipping even with gloves or damp hands, so a gel grip is not necessary. This ensures a stable and secure hold when brushing manes and tails. The horse comb is easy to detangle tangles and knots on the mane and tail of the horse and ensures the well-being of the horse and a neat mane and a clean tail. Full horse care is achieved through the round surface and the even distribution of the teeth and a smooth and smooth combing in all directions ensures effortless brushing of the manes and the tail of the horses. The mane brush from Animalon is characterised by its modern and unique design and thus becomes a stylish horse grooming accessory. Round shapes and a colour combination of black and brown make the mane brush a real eye-catcher for young and old. The timeless design is finished with a practical leather hanger. The Animalon mane and tail brush is always with you and easy to store at any time. Easy to hang and the mane brush is always at hand. Ensure a healthy and well-groomed coat of your horse and make your daily routine a feel-good experience for you and your horse. Thanks to a visually beautiful leather hanger, the mane brush can be hung anywhere.

The advantages of the mane and tail brush at a glance:


  • Removes tangles
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Ideal for mane and tail
  • Sturdy rubber handle
  • Domed thumb rest
  • Beautiful, timeless design
  • Always at hand thanks to leather hanger

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