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My natural bristles brush loses hair, is that normal?

Yes, we can calm you down. It is perfectly normal for the brush to lose a few hairs in the first few days. This is because the brush is embroidered like this. The loss of some hair in the first few days is neither bad nor abnormal. Use the brush for a few days and you will see that after 3-4 uses no more bristles get lost. Nature isn't perfect, but that's why we love it. But if you don't get this problem after a few days. Be so kind and contact us by mail. So we always find a quick & uncomplicated solution.

Can the brushes be washed? And if yes, how?

You clean the brushes best in your bucket with lukewarm water.
Just let them soak a little and then you can rinse them under running water. Please don't put the brushes in the washing machine. The natural bristles are not suitable for the washing machine.When the bristles are cleaned by the water you can simply let them dry in the air.

I paid in advance. When will my order be shipped?

If you place your order in our online shop on prepayment, your order will be put on hold. It will stay here until we have received payment on our account. When this has happened, your order will be processed normally and within 2 working days your order will be with us. If you have any problems with this, be so kind and send us an email to rechnung@animalon.de

How can I return my order?

If you don't like your order or there is another reason why you want to return it, you can do so within 14 days. All further information to this topic can be found in the section: Revocation . Don't be afraid to let us know something should not be as expected. We are all people & mistakes happen.

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